Utility Areas

Ah the Utility Areas… the dreaded garbage bins that look terrible in all yards!

The Utility Area is the 6th of the 7 elements of a landscape.

A designated utility area can look attractive and function the way it is meant to be. This is where you put your trash cans, the laundry, the air condition unit, utility boxes, store tools and other supplies, or hide the compost pile… you could even say the doghouse falls into this category. Designing the utility areas in a landscape is a must as none of us want the garbage inside the house and we’d like to keep the rodents out of it outdoors as well. There are many ways to make those bins look good, give them their own spot and be pleased about taking out the trash!

Are you an outdoor laundry dryer kind of person? You can design this into your landscape as well. Putting your clothes line in the right spot AND making it convenient to use ensures you will use it as long as the seasons provide the right kind of drying weather. 

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