No yard too big! That’s what we say anyway… and we love our lawns!

Let’s talk about your lawn as it is element 1 of the 7 elements of a landscape.

Why is it not categorized in greenscapes? Well, your lawn is such a HUGE part of any landscape, we (and others) feel it deserves its very own category and the TOP SPOT as the 1st element!

Your lawn will dictate a landscaping size and space according to the activities you want to see in your yard. If you love sports, your lawn will have enough room to kick a ball around, pitch a few (small) innings or adorn that volleyball court you’ve always wanted. 

If you’re a flower kind of person, you’ll most likely have a lawn that is strategically adorned with flower gardens and you’d be looking at a more natural setting. The lawn may simply be a pathway to connect all the wonderful flower gardens!

If you’re a tree lover, then the lawn takes a back seat as the trees will need  a lot of room with either a mulch flower bed or rock gardens surrounding them for easier maintenance. 

So you see, your lawn is the first thing we look at when designing your perfect back yard. 

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