Let’s talk about hardscapes, the 5th of the 7 elements of a landscape.

The hardscape can be defined as the permanent, non-plant features in your yard.

Hardscape elements can be fences, gates, patios, decks, arbors, sidewalks, lawn edging, driveways etc. It’s important to keep these in mind when designing your back yard.

Placement is HUGE with this element. There is much to keep in mind such as maintenance; can they trap critters such as ants & voles AND are they easy to mow around? Rock walls are a great example here as a high maintenance hardscape and a great place for ants to set up shop. 

Whereas lawn edging can help with maintenance creating clean, smooth lines to mow around.

Fences and gates can be added to create some boundaries OR a decor element, keep in mind the trimming that may need to be done around them.

Hardscapes are a great element to your yard! When adding them to your landscape design, always keep maintenance in mind. 

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